HOD Desk

Applied Science & Humanities department was established with a vision to be a center of excellence for newly admitted students coming from the school environment to technical environment / new world of technology. The department has highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty, which helps in creating an exciting academic and research oriented environment.  The Applied Science es & Humanities department operates as an Academic Facilitation Unit in which subjects like Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Communication Skills, Engineering Graphics & Drawing, Manufacturing Processes (Mechanical Workshop), Central Computer Center are offered primarily to the 1st year students.

This department builds foundations for engineering knowledge and skills in the respective disciplines. Mathematics is all pervasive and no field of engineering is complete without it. Students are therefore given a thorough grounding in mathematics during the first year and advanced subjects in subsequent years. Environmental Studies sensitizes the students regarding the current environmental issues and awareness regarding the ways to protect and create a culture of green environment from getting deteriorated. On the whole, the students in the first year are trained to explore, to innovate, to analyze and to acquaint themselves with the applications of basic sciences in engineering and technological areas.

From the first year itself, the institute tries to infuse self confidence in our students and help them to develop the Communication and Interpersonal Skills and demeanor of lifelong learning so that they can become academically competent and capable of facing the future with resilience and optimism.

Dr. Shaifali Goel
Associate Professor & Head