Employment Opportunities

Ample employment opportunities are available to architects in various field. 

  • An architect may be direct government employee or hired as a consultant. Public Architects get to work with Ministry of Urban Development, Central Public Works Department and with Local Bodies, Improvement Trusts, Municipal Corporation and Other Bodies engaged in the development of Towns and Cities. 
  • CPWD and State PWD are responsible for a wide range of projects such as Housing and Commercial Complexes Educational, Institutions, Sports Complexes, Hospital, Factories, Hostels, Airports, Roads etc. 
  • Corporate Architects are employed within the Retail Office Manufacturing, Medical and Hospitality Industries and there are numerous job choices and opportunities available at various Construction and Designing Companies. 
  • Other major Public Sector Bodies employing architects are Town and Country Planning Organization. The National Building Organization HUDCO, The National Building Construction Corporation Ltd., Hindustan Pretap Ltd. etc.
  • In addition, as professional experts in the field of building Design and Construction, Architects use their unique creative skills to advise individuals property owners and developers, community groups local authorities and commercial organizations as private practitioner. 
  • An Architect may be employed in Army/Air force/Navy and also work as a Teacher.