About Architecture

Architecture is mother of all arts because every technique related to other trades are being used when we construct any structure or building. Now every body knows about the field of Architecture as we are passing through a revolutionary period as far as building design and industry is concerned. The technology today has fully over powered the environment and under total human control. We shall have to keep in mind that man is creature of nature and can not live in absence of it, we should also keep in mind that the technology needs to be subservient to man and not vice-versa.

Now, Architect shall have to revive his role of master architecture. To be subtrainable and to retain interest of Future Generation. OIAD has applied to way of better under standing nature in such a way that every youth have sound knowledge about architecture. 

The youth need not be boggled the large technology available over the GLOBAL WORLD. 

OIAD motto is “To give power of technology and design both to our students of Architecture with great zeal by which students should achieve their task”.